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Every Fountain is Different, the questions are all the same Here are some common questions we get asked.

No, Fountain People is a manufacturer but can typically recommend a contractor for the installation scope of work.

Each project is custom and utilizes commercial quality components of stainless steel, bronze, or brass that often involves machining. Each equipment package includes a UL listed control panel built per project specifications. If lighting is part of the project, this can greatly affect equipment and installation costs due to waterproofing and specialized lighting controls.

  1. The Installation/Submittal Drawing Package is 3-6 weeks from the time an order is received.
  2. Shipment of Embed items is approximately 2-3 weeks once written approval of the submittal drawing package is received. This includes the items that go in the concrete pour.
  3. Shipment for the Balance of Items is approximately 6-10 weeks once written approval of the submittal drawing package is received. This includes the equipment vault or pump assemblies, UL control panels, light fixtures, and custom fabrications.

As a general rule of thumb, the water effect height from your nozzles should never exceed the distance to the basin wall. Water can easily be blown from the nozzle effects beyond the basin in windy situations. In fountains that are subject to the wind or HVAC systems that move high volumes of air, wind control systems are highly recommended. These systems come with a wind speed sensor, also known as an anemometer, that is ideally located near the water feature to measure similar wind conditions. These sensors typically begin to measure wind speeds at a minimum of 1 MPH.  These sensors are paired with a wind control panel that can override the pump flow and reduce the nozzle effect heights or shut down the fountain for a set duration of time based on specified wind increments. Wind level control systems help you save on water due to loss, chemical usage from water balancing, and can help keep bystanders from getting wet due to over-spray.

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