Who We Work With 

Helping Professionals Create a Compelling Guest Experience


Themed Entertainment Professionals 

Fountain People works with themed entertainment professionals around the world, collaborating on projects with Theme Parks, Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, Casinos, and Music Tours



With over 30 years of experience working with Architects & Landscape Architects, Fountain People strives to support their craft through assistance in design and specification of fountain equipment to produce the end result of world-class water features.




Since 1989, Fountain People has worked with sculptors around the world by assisting with the design and integration of fountain equipment with their works of art to produce incredible architectural statements.


Aquatic Designers 

As an equipment supplier, Fountain People assists Aquatic Designers and Engineers with the design and specification of water feature equipment into their projects such as entry fountains, lazy rivers, interactive fountains and fountain shows.



Fountain Contractors

Fountain People works directly with contractors to provide assistance on design and equipment for specified projects, design/builds, water feature renovations, and replacement parts for existing projects.


End Customer

At Fountain People, we strive to take care of the customer through reliable customer service and on-going maintenance solutions.

Looking For A Professional?

We can make some recommendations from within our extensive design and support network.