Fountain in a Can™ (Sequencing) product photo and water effect

Fountain in a Can™ (Sequencing)

FIAC-2000 Series Fountain-in-a-Can is a “pour in place” assembly containing a flush mount spray effect, programmable (on-off) Hydro-Valve™, and 360 degree illuminating LED light fixture. The assembly can be utilized for plaza style water features or may be used for interactive splash pads. The patent-pending manual adjustment valve allows for the effect height to be adjusted from the top-plate without ever having to enter the can. This unit is also available in a UL Listed H20 load-rated stainless steel cover for vehicular traffic.

Product Specification

FIAC-2000 Series Fountain-in-a-Can with Hydro-Valve, a “pour in place” flush mount spray effect with instant switching Hydro-Valve™, and 360-degree light fixture. The assembly includes a stainless steel housing with 1/4” thick stainless steel drain cover and contains (1) interchangeable fountain nozzle, 360-degree 24V, 36 Watt, LED ring light with colored RGBW diodes, fast acting Hydro-Valve, patent-pending top-access manual height adjustment valve, junction box, bonding lug, 2” inlet connection, 2” drain connection, and (2) 1” conduit connections for valve & light. Assembly is shipped with (3) anchor bolts, leveling nut & washers.

Technical Notes

  1. Nozzle requires fine screening for debris removal. #40 (.0165 inch) minimum mesh.
  2. Housing must be encapsulated in concrete.
  3. Two 1 inch connection points indicated. Hydro-valve connection and light connection.
Fountain in a Can™ (Sequencing) product data chart