Fountain People's Design Process: Bringing Water Features to Life

Jan. 30, 2024 | Fountain Design Fountain People's Design Process: Bringing Water Features to Life

Introduction: Designing and constructing captivating water features requires a meticulous and comprehensive approach. Fountain People, a renowned designer and manufacturer of water feature equipment, understands the intricacies involved in creating stunning aquatic spectacles. In this blog post, we will explore Fountain People's design process and the range of services they offer to bring water features to life.


  1. Design Agreement:

Fountain People believes in collaboration and teamwork. By entering into a design agreement, they ensure a deep understanding of the project's design intent and guarantee the performance of their equipment. This agreement allows Fountain People to work closely with consultants, contractors, and customers, keeping projects on track and addressing potential issues along the way.



  1. Fully Engineered Equipment Packages:

Fountain People provides fully engineered equipment packages, including schematic design and piping diagrams, electrical design, equipment schedules, cutsheets, and specifications. These comprehensive packages ensure that all aspects of the water feature, from water usage to wire and pipe sizes, are meticulously planned and executed.



  1. 3D Visualizations:

To help clients visualize the potential of their water feature, Fountain People offers 3D visualizations. These include water feature renderings, fly-through animations, and real-time fountain show programming. These visual aids provide a stronger sense of scale, movement, and functionality, allowing clients to fully grasp the impact of their water feature.



  1. Design Development:

Fountain People actively supports the design development phase of a project. They assist specifiers in establishing a realistic fountain budget and provide complete sets of design support drawings and written specifications. These drawings cover mechanical and electrical systems, architectural details, and specialized fountain equipment. By working together, Fountain People and the design team create award-winning water features. 5. Pre-visualization - Fountain Renderings: High-resolution renderings play a crucial role in understanding the aesthetic and operating performance of a water feature. Fountain People utilizes specialized software that incorporates the performance of their equipment, providing accurate representations of how the feature will look and function. These renderings help clients envision the end result and make informed decisions.


  1. The Fun Stuff - Fly-through Animations:

Taking pre-visualization to the next level, fly-through animations provide an immersive design experience. These animations offer a stronger sense of scale, movement, and water feature functionality, especially when water choreography is incorporated. They assist in forming a captivating story around the water feature, enhancing the overall design process.



  1. Time Savings - Show Programming:

Fountain People offers real-time show programming, producing DMX code that directly correlates with the animation. This reduces the time needed for on-site programming and ensures a seamless integration of water features with lighting, music, and other elements. Show programming services are also available for creating seasonal and holiday shows, attracting patrons and enhancing the overall experience.


  1. In the Test Pool - Equipment Mock-ups for Testing & Buy-offs:

To ensure that water effects align with the designer's vision, Fountain People conducts equipment mock-ups for testing and buy-offs. These mock-ups provide a preview of the visual elements, sound levels, and splash parameters. By videoing the mock-ups, designers can review and approve the water effects before installation, ensuring the desired intent is achieved.


  1. Water Feature Development - Manufacturing:

Fountain People's expertise extends to manufacturing, where they transform visions into reality. Their manufacturing process focuses on attention to detail, using high-quality materials to create fully engineered equipment packages. These packages include fountain nozzles, lights, equipment vaults, controls, fittings, and pump and filtration systems tailored to each project's budget and performance needs.


  1. Water Feature Construction - Installation Support:

While Fountain People primarily focuses on equipment design and manufacturing, they also provide installation support. They can connect clients with a network of preferred fountain contractors for turnkey solutions. By sourcing quality contractors, Fountain People ensures that the water feature is constructed to the highest standards, bringing the design to fruition.



  1. Maintaining Water Features - Post-Installation Support:

Water features require ongoing maintenance and support. Fountain People's knowledgeable staff of designers, engineers, and technical support professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. They offer on-site inspections, troubleshooting, and start-up services to help clients keep their water features in optimal operation.



Conclusion: Fountain People's design process encompasses a range of services that ensure the successful creation of captivating water features. From design agreements and fully engineered equipment packages to 3D visualizations, mock-ups, and manufacturing, Fountain People's expertise and attention to detail shine through. By partnering with Fountain People, clients can bring their water feature visions to life, creating awe-inspiring aquatic spectacles that leave a lasting impression.

Written By: Fountain People

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