High Point, North Carolina

Qubein Arena Panther Fountain - High Point University

The Qubein Arena Panther Fountain project at High Point University was a remarkable endeavor undertaken by Fountain People, Inc. The exterior circular tiered fountain features a magnificent 20-foot bronze sculpture of a Panther, designed by artist Brian Keith in collaboration with LKC Engineering. Pfists Inc. handled the meticulous installation process. The fountain boasts cascading water from upper to lower basins, with carefully selected LED lights illuminating the spectacle. This project stands as a testament to the university's values and provides an inspiring and captivating landmark for students, fans, and visitors.

Project Profile: Qubein Arena Panther Fountain

Project Overview: The Qubein Arena Panther Fountain is an exterior circular tiered fountain located in front of the Qubein Arena and Conference Center at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. The fountain features a 20-foot bronze sculpture of a Panther on top of a water feature, designed and created by Brian Keith Fine Art. The project was completed in 2021 as part of a larger $170 million development that includes the arena, conference center, and hotel.

Customer: High Point University is the customer for the Qubein Arena Panther Fountain project. The university sought to create an inspiring and engaging artwork that resonates with fans, students, and visitors, while aligning with the university's values.

Designer: The design and creation of the Panther Fountain were led by Brian Keith, an artist specializing in fine art sculptures. Brian Keith Fine Art collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the design met their requirements and preferences. LKC Engineering, represented by Robert Hayter and Lou Sadler, provided engineering expertise and worked on the detailed design aspects of the project.

General Contractor: The fountain construction, architectural finishes, mounting of the sculpture, and management was the responsibility of the General Contractor, Smith & Jennings, Inc.  Smith & Jennings is a full service grading company founded in 1947 and doing business out of High Point, NC.

Installer: The fountain installation was carried out by Pfists Inc., a company based in Douglasville, Georgia, with expertise in fountain installations. Pfists Inc. has also worked on numerous other fountains within the High Point University campus.

Sculptor: Brian Keith, the artist behind the Panther sculpture, is responsible for the creation and casting of the 20-foot bronze sculpture. More information about Brian Keith and his work can be found on his website: https://briankeithfineart.com/qubein-arena-panther-fountain

Project Scope: The Qubein Arena Panther Fountain is a circular tiered fountain with a diameter of approximately 38 feet and a height of approximately 20 feet. At the top of the fountain, there is a 6-inch deep upper basin with an 18-foot diameter that houses the Panther sculpture platform. Water is introduced to the upper basin beneath the steel platform and flows down to the intermediate pool basin, which has a diameter of 21 feet. From there, the water cascades down a series of steps to the lower basin before being returned to an equipment vault for filtration and recirculation. The fountain is illuminated using LED lights in all three basins, creating a visually appealing display during nighttime operation or special events.

Equipment Used: The fountain equipment includes various components such as freestanding and flush mount lights, junction boxes, water-level sensors, skimmers, drains, diverter plates, waterstops, and anti-vortex/diverter sumps. These components are carefully selected and integrated into the fountain design to ensure proper functionality and aesthetics. The equipment vault houses the necessary pumps, sand filters, and UL-listed panels for lighting and fountain controls. It is fully engineered and pre-assembled for easy installation.

More About the Lighting: The fountain lighting system incorporates both freestanding and niche LED lights, providing illumination in all three basins of the fountain. The specific LED lights used in the project were carefully selected for their functionality and ability to create captivating visual effects.

In the upper basin and intermediate pool, a total of 16 freestanding FX-LED-FS light fixtures were installed. These fixtures belong to the FX Series and are equipped with RGBW diodes. The RGBW diodes allow for a wide range of color options, including individual colors or white light. The LED fixtures can be programmed and controlled using a DMX system, enabling dynamic light changing displays during nighttime operation or for special events.

Furthermore, the lower basin features 16 stainless steel adjustable niche FX-LED-FM light fixtures integrated into the wall. These lights provide additional illumination and accentuate the architectural elements of the fountain. Like the freestanding fixtures, the niche LED lights can also be set to individual colors or white, offering flexibility in creating desired lighting effects.

Overall, the combination of freestanding LED lights with RGBW diodes and stainless steel niche LED lights enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Qubein Arena Panther Fountain, providing an engaging visual experience for spectators, students, families, fans, and visitors alike.

Collaborative Team: The successful completion of the Qubein Arena Panther Fountain project was the result of close collaboration among multiple entities. High Point University, LKC Engineering, Pfists Inc., and Fountain People (FP) worked together to bring the project to life. Smith & Jennings, Inc. served as the general contractor for the fountain, and they had previously collaborated with the team on other projects within the university campus.

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