FX Series LED Fountain Light Control Panel product photo

FX Series LED Fountain Light Control Panel

FX-LED-LCP Series Lighting Control Panel is as a stand alone lighting control system for 24VDC, RGB/RGBW color changing light fixtures that DO NOT include on-board DMX addressing. The panel is designed to allow all of the connected fixtures to change effects at the same time (no individual fixture control). The touch panel lighting controller allows for programmable daily operation schedules for the water feature or splash pad lighting effects. The optional panel configuration allows for controlling up to (10) or up to (20) fixtures. For larger lighting displays, please contact Fountain People directly for assistance.

Product Specification

FX-LED-LCP Series; NEMA 4 polycarbonate enclosure includes, DMX 1024 touchscreen controller, up to two DMX drivers, up to two 24VDC power supplies and necessary terminal blocks for wire connections. System is capable of up to 500 scenes and controlling a maximum of (10) 36 watt RGB/RGBW fixtures (FX-LED-LCP-10 model) or up to (20) fixtures with (FX-LED-LCP-20).

Technical Notes

  1. Separate programming software included for windows/mac programming.
  2. Smart phone application available for remote operation (android and iOS)