Jet Cluster

JCN Jet Cluster Nozzle, machined cast bronze and brass construction, uses multiple solid stream nozzles grouped to create a fuller effect.

Product Specification

  • Water Level Dependent – No
  • Wind Resistance – Good
  • Sound Level – Moderate
  • Clogging Potential – Moderate
  • Splash Radius – 1.0
  • Material: Machined brass and cast bronze
  • Finish: Natural brass and bronze

Technical Notes

  1. Ball valve as required per design for discharge flow control.
  2. Waterstop fitting required for concrete pour. Size based on piping and nozzle size. (See catalog item: FWS-SERIES)
  3. Typical water depth shown may vary. Contact Fountain People for shallower applications.
  4. This nozzle is water level independent.
  5. Nozzle requires fine screening for debris removal. #40 minimum mesh or smaller.