FX-PRO Series RGBW12 Spot LED

FXPRO Series 12 Watt LED color-changing light fixture is for the illumination of fountain and splash pad spray effects (UNDERWATER, WET or DRY locations). This fixture has on-board DMX for more control and includes an angle adjustable yoke to position the fixture as desired. Unit may be anchored to a finished floor or wall.

Product Specification

FXPRO-LED-FS-RGBW-12 Freestanding LED underwater, wet or dry location light fixture; 3.2” diameter, 316L stainless steel construction, 12 watt LED color changing light fixture with (3) RGBW diodes (4000K White). Fixture includes adjustable stainless steel yoke assembly, tempered glass lens with silicone gasket and 20 feet of 18/5 submersible cable. Includes onboard DMX driver.

Technical Notes

  1. Fixture requires low voltage power supply.
  2. DMX Controller required for light programming