Farmington, Utah

Station Park Show Fountain

Looking to provide one of the most unique retail experiences in the state, the developers at CenterCal turned to Fountain People to bring their vision to life. Station Park was already the home to approximately eight hundred thousand square feet of retail, entertainment, restaurant, hotel, and office space. To complete CenterCal’s vision, Fountain People provided state-of-the-art fountain equipment including L4 LED lighting, static sequencing jets, multi-axis robotic nozzles, and advanced show control systems.

Nestled into a mix of upscale retail, dining and entertainment venues, this water feature creates a unique viewing experience that offers a world-class choreographed fountain every hour on the hour. You can see it dance to the music of world-renowned artists with a stunning display of choreographed 30-60 foot high solid streams, vivid colors and water effects. It’s as much fun to watch the guests completely captured with by the show. This is a performance you have to see. Between shows there are plenty of things to do and several great places to eat on property. Station Park has since become a destination for families and patrons abroad.