Apr. 11, 2022 | COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA

Bayliss Park Fountain

A modern sculptural fountain to be viewed day and night that also provides children the opportunity to play in an area of their own.

As the first park of Council Bluffs created in 1853, Bayliss Park continues to serve as the geographical and symbolic “town square” of the community. Located in the heart of downtown, its features include a plaza, fountain, performance pavilion, children’s water splash pad, playful bronze black squirrel statues, monuments, and markers.

The original fountain was constructed in 1890 and nicknamed “Old Rusty” after years of use. It was eventually retired and relocated, and a new fountain was built with a 30-foot water stream, colorful lights, and dancing waters (1971). With the help of Fountain People, Browner Hatcher, a nationally renowned sculptor, designed the third and current 31-foot fountain, “Wellspring,” with the community’s input; featuring a sculpture, an upper and lower pool, and columns with illumination choreographed to the fountain’s sounds (2006).

This modern fountain utilizes Fountain in a Can™ vertical and arching Dominator™ jets with Lumen 360 LED lights, to create dancing patterns. The spray park, next to the fountain, provides children the opportunity to play in an area of their own. Fountain People provided the complete system with water and lighting effects, drains, controls, and pump & filtration skid.